“Dialogue unites us: All for one” « 


« Le dialogue véritable suppose la reconnaissance de l’autre à la fois dans son identité et dans son altérité. » Proverbe African
The Moroccan organization for decision-makers had the pleasure to host an international seminar from 16-18 March 2018 on dialogue Techniques. The aim is to practice, integrate and promote dialogical tools, methodologies, approaches and values in the Moroccan society.
Ambassadors for Dialogue, is a progressive partnership between l’Organisation Marocaine des Jeunes Décideurs (OMJD) and the Danish Youth Council in Denmark.
The new project has been implemented in 20 18, where it aims at fostering the dialogue culture among Morocco and Denmark as well as to bridging the gap among these countries through eliminating the wide spread stereotypes and the pre-assumption. Also Ambassadors for Dialogue aims to spread dialogue concept as an approach and value.
This program provides training to youth on dialogue tools and techniques, as well as making them able to implement dialogue sessions at universities and at CSOs by using new method of training based on games and exercises which goal is to enhance dialogue concept and to discover differences among these countries’ cultures and developing way to deal with.
This training sheds light on how to share our similarities and celebrates our differences through dialogue. In this vein, “differences are not intended to separate, to alienate. We are different precisely in order to realize our need of one another” says a Moroccan dialogue facilitator.
Ambassadors for Dialogue Project, started by training 50 youth all over Morocco to be the next “Ambassadors for Dialogue”, where each one of them had his\her ways of dialogue they developed it themselves and implemented dialogue sessions on a national level.
The participants learned the skills of dialogue through practicing dialogue on many national issues, and implemented many dialogue exercises that promote dialogue and deal with stereotypes and assumptions.
These dialogue sessions aim at spreading peace, tolerance and respect other’s people opinion on different themes such as stereotypes, pre- assumption, social life, equality, gender and religion. These sessions encouraged participants to use dialogue differently as to reach to an agreement rather than using the traditional ways like discussing and debating just for the sake of winning.
This seminar was facilitated and managed by a number of Danish members of the Youth Council in Denmark and Moroccan national team members of the organisation. The project is still running and moving to be implemented through the Middle East in the long run.